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I have never sat through an almost 3 hour movie so entranced and in sheer awe at not only what I was watching visually, but also where the plot was going to take us next. There were absolutely no boring parts, because visually, the movie keeps you engaged. This is a masterpiece...just like it's original..


idayakuza/entry-12440708700.html. Blade Runner 2049 free online games Already watched You've done man's job, sir. This is very good. I swear ... I just had an orgasm ... OMG Say I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... pretty please? :) Great job with the video. I loved the movie, and this got me excited to see it again. In the video, you misspelled future classic as futur classic.

I love everything about this


i saw this on netflix years back. didn't laugh once, skip it.


Hey Grace......why did Viacom take down all the IT trailers?

blade runner 2049 review

I legit thought this was a new movie but when I saw Robin Williams was the dog I was like HANG ON WHAT?!

I’ve seen this movie approx 20 times It blows my mind every time and I suspect it will every single time I watch it again and again Now ........... when I listen to the soundtrack in isolation ............. well that blows my mind just as much ....... imagine the two combined 😉.


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That's not how consent works! Oh, the irony.....

Una película extraordinaria, para verla repetidas veces y escuchar una música maravillosa llena de matices y sorprendente sonidos. Melodiosa, se desgrana lentamente acentuando momentos claves de la película..

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Did anyone else notice that the quick shot of the replicant in the tank that has a label that says 'Nexus 8' looks a lot like the guy with the glasses who is shown in the long trailer?.

blade runner rent online maze runner scorch trials free online movie watch blade runner final cut online free woods runner free online book blade runner 2049 poster This looks amazing! Congratulations to Jared Leto on that Supporting Actor nomination. Did that tonight. Thing was ruined by Trump braying into my ears. And a waste of money- for some reason, I doubt many Trump supporters are into Blade Runner..

THE BLACK OUT 2022! no lesser guns etc? No technology advancement? There was a blackout which made world lost of data, and technology stagnation.. go figure! blade runner 2049 ita


Что бы не говорили но такие фильмы выходят не часто на ряду с попкорновыми говеными фильмами по комиксам этот шедевр как бальзам на душу для киноманов.

the movie is dark, always raining and its foggy And that why i LOVE it dammit stop complaining

blade runner 2049 synopsis youtube blade runner 2049 perfect casting, perfect director, perfect trailer (gave the needed premise without spoiling things), perfect soundtrack, this movie is gonna blow the socks off) blade runner 2049 photos Thank you. I did what you suggested. Wonderful! Eternity has no Door of Escape blade runner movie free blade runner 2049 free online cam React to call of duty wwll ww2 nazi zombies reveal trailer

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